Agnostic Scotland Community Fund

Agnostic Scotland is a not-for-profit organisation offering life-transition ceremonies. All surplus is reinvested into our Agnostic Scotland Community Fund.

We believe strongly that everyone has the right to mark the milestones in their lives in the way that is meaningful to them. Our Values include offering affordable ceremonies to those who would otherwise find it hard to pay for them. In addition we would like to connect with, and support, projects and organisations across Scotland that align with our values.

If you are struggling to pay for your ceremony and you live in an area where Agnostic Scotland Celebrants are based, please contact us and, while we have the funds, we will do what we can to offer you an affordable ceremony. We hope as our network grows to be able to offer affordable ceremonies across Scotland. Every ceremony we conduct contributes towards this foundation.

Become an Agnostic Scotland Supporter

For just £2 a month, or £20 per year, you can help us to realise our goal of providing affordable ceremonies through our Community Fund across Scotland. And you’ll have our eternal thanks… click below to sign up:

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