“We were clear from the beginning that we wanted our ceremony to honour our queerness, our beliefs, and feel authentic to us. We didn’t want, at any point, to feel as though we were getting married for anyone else but ourselves.

Our celebrant held our hands throughout the entire process, making us feel happy, safe and free to curate a ceremony that reflected us as individuals and a couple. At no point were we scared, nervous or overwhelmed – we had our fairy wed-mother on the case.”

Jodie and Lonan, Marriage Ceremony in Edinburgh

“Our celebrant wrote and delivered the most perfect naming ceremony for our son. It was a complex mix of beliefs, families and religions so we opted for an Agnostic ceremony. It was thoughtful, poignant, the perfect combination of serious and light, struck all the right tones. We were all absolutely delighted. Even the most sceptical were totally won over – even the Catholic priest says every time we meet – it was the nicest, most inclusive and warm ceremony he has ever been to – and that was the sentiment we have heard over and over again since the day.”

The Robertson Family for T’s Naming Day Ceremony

“From the start, our celebrant was warm and responsive, and we enjoyed spending time with her planning our ceremony. She took the time to get to know us; the script she prepared for us was beautiful. It perfectly captured our story and the mood we wanted to create during our ceremony. We were particularly touched when she asked a nearby friend to collect us an oathing stone from the place my husband proposed – this was above and beyond and was a really special touch!”

“Our celebrant shines with a special energy that can’t easily be articulated. She consistently brought this energy to our meetings – virtual and in-person – in the months and weeks that preceded our wedding, helping to shape our ceremony in an unobtrusive and supportive way. She understood our desire to introduce a degree of spirituality to the ceremony that would make guests of all faiths and beliefs feel welcome, while creating a ceremony that was authentic to us and our values.”

Laurence and Annelise, Marriage Ceremony in the Scottish Borders

“From the very first meeting, we knew we had met an extraordinary soul who would hold us close and help us plan our perfect day. Her ability to quickly and deeply understand us made for such a joyous experience. She dispelled our nerves and crafted a ceremony that was simply perfect for us.”

Natalie and Lucy’s Marriage Ceremony at Newhall House, Edinburgh

“Our celebrant helped us create, from a blank canvas, the most beautiful, moving, personal naming ceremony for our two children. Our guests were blown away by the ceremony and every single guest remarked on how super she was. She took time to understand us and what we wanted to achieve and made it happen. We loved, loved, loved working together and wholeheartedly recommend Agnostic Scotland to anyone wishing to have a ceremony full of heart and soul.”

The Rutherfords Naming Ceremony

 “I shall always be grateful for your support, expertise and kindness over this entire period. All the hours you put into the ceremony. Your care and attention to detail. All your hard work resulted in a beautiful culmination of the complex person that my husband was…there really are not the words for me to express adequately how grateful I am.”

Gabe Stewart on her husband, Malcolm’s, Funeral ceremony

“Thank you for doing such good work in marshalling us all for Dad’s funeral service. You took such great care of us all, and we managed to have a day which was meaningful and memorable. My friend who was there said that it was one of the most inspiring services he has been to; this is high praise from him, particularly given the non-religious nature of the service.

I am deeply grateful to you for helping me through the day – the memory of the service and your kindness is a real source of strength for me now.”

The Smith Family, Funeral Ceremony