It’s a go! We’re expanding our Life Celebrant network …

We are now delighted to announce that we are looking to invite six new celebrants to join our Life Celebrant network this year. Thank you so much to everyone who has been patiently waiting while we pivot our plans for training provision due to CV-19.

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If you are someone who has always held a deep fascination for life transitions, who loves to honour rites of passage through ritual and ceremony, who enjoys bringing individuals together in celebration, and who has a heart-centred and open-minded respect towards the many varied, sometimes contradictory, and often complicated beliefs, values and wishes of others, then becoming an Agnostic Scotland Life Celebrant could be the perfect role for you. No prior celebrancy experience is necessary, although experienced celebrants are also welcome to apply.

At Agnostic Scotland, we offer ceremonies that respond to the unique blend of beliefs, values and wishes of the families involved. As one of our ambassadors says:

“In today’s Scotland, there are fewer formal rituals. But our souls still need them. Today, we need a safe space for our rites, our ceremonies. Somewhere where there are no stipulations on God. Or Gods. Or no God(s). Or on gender binaries. Or on what a family looks like. Or on what music you can and can’t sing, or play, or listen to. I am excited that Agnostic Scotland can hold those spaces, perform those rituals, celebrate those ceremonies. Everyone deserves a safe place to mark life’s milestones.”

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Since our launch in November 2019, we’ve been humbled by the response from people across Scotland wishing us well, enquiring about working with us, and asking about how to support our Community Fund and join our Community Connection Gatherings.

In this first round of application, we are hoping to recruit six new Life Celebrants, ideally from a range of Scottish local authority areas. Our aim is to expand our network organically, taking time to invest in each new Life Celebrant joining our organisation to ensure the high quality of our community service provision, and to fully support all participants throughout the process. Going forward, we will be looking to recruit a further six Life Celebrants each year.

This year’s application process will open from 1st June 2021. Interested individuals are invited to contact us in advance if they wish to be sent the application form at the time. The deadline for applications will be noon on Friday 20th August.

Following the application deadline, twenty successful applicants will be invited for online interview on Wednesday 27th /Thursday 28th October. We will inform all applicants on Friday 19th November 2021 which six applicants are to be accepted on the Training and Mentoring Programme.

In keeping with our core values and ethos to provide an inclusive community service, we have kept the cost of the Agnostic Scotland Life Celebrancy Programme as affordable as possible. At £950 our programme is significantly lower than most other training providers in this sector and the training and mentoring we provide will include all aspects of life celebrancy – weddings, naming ceremonies, funerals, life celebrations and other life transition ceremonies, as well as community engagement. In order to keep the cost of training affordable, all three Agnostic Scotland founders will be gifting a significant amount of their time to support the trainee celebrants through the programme.

The first phase of the training and mentoring programme will take the form of self-study and completion of all the practical exercises contained in the Agnostic Scotland Life Celebrancy Handbook. This will be supported by regular 1-1 meetings with your assigned mentor. During this process, you will also be expected to provide presentations on certain aspects of the learning at the monthly Agnostic Scotland Life Celebrant Hub. Ongoing monthly meetings with the wider Agnostic Scotland network will be provided for support and confidence building.

The second phase will take the form of shadowing, in a staged process, your mentor while they undertake ceremonies such as weddings, namings, and funerals. The shadowing process will be adapted according to the skills, confidence and experience of the mentee.

One of our key aims is to diversify Celebrancy in Scotland, and we particularly welcome applications from individuals who will help us achieve and work towards this aim. We will be offering one fully funded place on the Agnostic Scotland Life Celebrancy Training for applicants from underrepresented, marginalised or otherwise disadvantaged communities.

Applications are welcome from all local authority areas. Please note that we are unable to recruit any Wedding Celebrants in the Lothians. However, we would be delighted to accept applications from Life Celebrants wishing to offer Funerals, Memorials, Namings and other life-transition ceremonies in the Lothians. Applicants applying within the Lothians would potentially be able to offer Weddings outside the Lothians area if they were willing to travel to conduct ceremonies in other local authority areas. To help us respond to the growing demand for Agnostic Wedding ceremonies across Scotland, it is our hope and intention that the Life Celebrants who join Agnostic Scotland who wish to perform Weddings will be approved by National Records Scotland to conduct legal Marriage Ceremonies.

We are so excited to be welcoming in this new phase in the development of Agnostic Scotland, and ultimately working towards our goal of providing beautiful, person-centred, affordable ceremonies that reflect the beliefs, values and wishes of the families involved.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Please contact us to let us know if you’d like to be sent the application form on 1st June 2021. Thank you, and good luck!

Our Agnostic Scotland Clootie Tree bearing well-wishes from all those who attended our launch.