We are One

It has been a year since our launch, only a year, but what a year!

There is some indication that the first known case of Covid 19 was around this time last year within a few days of holding our official launch party. 

No one had any idea of the path 2020 would lead us on, with all its’ challenges, discomfort and complete breath taking destabilisation of everything

On our first birthday we want to take time to acknowledge, & feel gratitude, that the seed of an idea, planted in early 2019 continues to grow and flourish even through a pandemic. 

As with all our amazing sector colleagues, it’s been a year of perpetual, dizzying, pivoting but for us it has also brought positivity and progress, yes, we have made progress.  It may be slower than we planned but that has allowed an increasing confidence along with time and space to really connect with our values and intentions. 

We now have a wonderfully diverse Steering Group, our vision for a Life Celebrancy training has expanded and evolved beautifully and we have all been supporting families and couples while co-creating & conducting ceremonies in times of ever changing restrictions and great discomfort. This has all underpinned with love and commitment while keeping everyone safe. 

For us safety and well-being comes first and therefore our planned expansion as well as some of our collaborations and community projects have had to pause but that’s ok. The clouds will clear and we know that although we are in our infancy the roots of Agnostic Scotland which are constantly nurtured by three passionate, focussed Celebrants, are beginning to embed in the ceremony community and grow. 

We all want to take a moment to thank our supporters and all those who have helped us, have faith in us & are walking the path with us. 

Soulful Celebrant – Andrea Taylor

I’m so proud to be part of this open-minded, inclusive and non-judgemental association along with my incredible colleagues and dear friends @celebrantlinda and @soulful.celebrant.
Over the past year, it’s been a huge honour to officiate ceremonies and offer an additional choice to families seeking to celebrate their life transitions in Scotland.
Tonight we’re raising a glass to all the wonderful folk we’ve had the great pleasure of working with so far, and to everyone who has trusted us to lead personal ceremonies for them and their loved ones.
Thank you also to all the celebrants who have expressed an interest in joining @agnosticscotland We’re hoping to widen our network just as soon as the global situation allows.

Edinburgh Celebrant – Onie Tibbitt

Our first year as a belief body has been amazing. We continue to grow, to adapt, to listen and learn and dream and plan. 

I have a good track record for having the BEST colleagues and @edinburghcelebrant and @soulful.celebrant are the very definition of that. They are principled, open-hearted, committed, creative, inclusive, funny, soulful, wise and compassionate women. I love working with them, I love the mutual support, learning/teaching and accountability we work with. And I love what we are capable of as a team! 

Happy birthday, team. And a massive thank you to all of our supporters – we are so excited about developing and growing in a way that builds and activates our community. And we have learned to do that in a responsive, steady way which allows true, inclusive connection to occur. Which is what it’s all about, at the end of the day. 

Celebrant Linda – Linda Keys

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